Aluminum foil lunch box – Drunk crab box

Oct 23, 2023 | Industry News

You may have seen the aluminum foil lunch box when packing takeout

There are many people call it a tinfoil box, in fact, aluminum foil lunch box and tinfoil box is a certain difference, aluminum foil lunch box is a new type of environmental protection lunch box, with insulation and incense, harmless to the human body, environmental health and safety advantages. Drunk crab packaging box using this aluminum foil lunch box to package, is very suitable, can be carried out long-distance transportation, but also appropriate to maintain the original taste of food, the main aluminum foil lunch box raw materials are more environmentally friendly and safe, so it is a good packaging box.

When it comes to drunk crabs, everyone will think of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, Yangcheng Lake because of unique environmental advantages, hairy crabs produced here have green back, white belly, golden claws, yellow hair, long claws, strong body obvious characteristics, strict technology can be assured to eat strict selection of fresh crabs, artificial selection of uniform size of fresh hairy crabs, It starts with six hours of water to ensure that each crab’s digestive system is clean and free of sand and then it’s washed and bundled with herbs one by one only when the ingredients are fresh and clean can it produce a delicious taste. Good crabs need good wine with herb tied hairy crabs for steaming treatment, so that the smell of herbs into the crabs, and then Shaoxing aged Huadiao wine and tangerine peel, plum and a variety of natural spices to make drunk juice, the steamed crabs soaked in it for 24 hours, Huadiao wine its warm taste and fragrance to give cooked crabs drunk taste, not only enhance the delicious but also neutralize the cool crab.

Many people think that there are harmful substances in aluminum such as heavy metals

The use of aluminum foil lunch box will be poisoned, in fact, aluminum foil lunch box is non-toxic, because the melting point of aluminum is high, the general food is not harmful to the human body, aluminum foil lunch box used can be recycled, reduce pollution, save resources, thickened material, high temperature heating, long holding time, is a good choice.

With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, the variety of food is constantly enriched, October is the season for hairy crabs to go on the market, generally, our hairy crab packaging is better than our aluminum foil lunch box, because the raw material of the aluminum foil lunch box is edible aluminum foil, which not only has many advantages, but also has good packaging effect, which can meet the actual needs of businesses and consumers. Compared with other advertisements, it is easier to attract the attention of consumers, from the perspective of consumer psychology, with the visual image of the physical object and packaging to introduce the characteristics of the product, more persuasive than the abstract concept, visible packaging for the importance of goods.