Application of Chinese rice husk tableware and corn starch lunch box

May 29, 2024 | Company News

We are a company focusing on the food packaging industry, with plant fiber production technology as the core, integrating R&D as one of the Disposable Biodegradable Tableware manufacturers of environmentally friendly degradable tableware.

Specializing in the production of packaging container products such as China Rice Husk Tableware and China Corn Starch Lunch Box. At the same time, we are also committed to developing new biodegradable environmentally friendly materials and products. We have established a full industrial chain business system from raw materials to end products, serving major fields around the world

The significance of disposable degradable tableware to the environment

With the improvement of environmental awareness and the continuous advancement of technology, disposable tableware is gradually becoming an important force in promoting environmental protection.

1. Reduce plastic pollution

Degradable materials can decompose quickly in the natural environment, which helps to protect the ecosystem and maintain biodiversity.

2. Reduce the pressure of garbage disposal

The disposal of degradable tableware after disposal is simpler and more efficient. There are fewer harmful substances generated during landfill and incineration. The processing cost is low.

3. Save resource consumption

China Rice Husk Tableware and China Corn Starch Lunch Box adopt renewable resources and recycling technology. Effectively control energy consumption and raw material consumption, which helps to achieve sustainable development.

In summary, disposable degradable tableware is driving us towards a greener and more environmentally friendly future.

Application of Chinese rice husk tableware and corn starch lunch box

Our recommended products

As a Disposable Biodegradable Tableware manufacturers, we recommend our China Rice Husk Tableware and China Corn Starch Lunch Box

1.China Rice Husk Tableware

The main raw material of rice husk tableware is rice husk. As agricultural waste, the utilization value of rice husk is often overlooked, but the emergence of rice husk tableware allows this waste to be reused, which not only reduces environmental pollution but also provides a sustainable tableware option.

The advantages of rice husk tableware are its environmental protection and sustainability. Since rice husk is a natural material and does not contain chemical additives, rice husk tableware is harmless to the human body and is safe and reliable. At the same time, rice husk tableware can be naturally degraded after use and will not cause long-term pollution to the environment.

2.China Corn Starch Lunch Box

The corn starch lunch box is an environmentally friendly tableware made of natural corn starch and plant fiber as the base material, supplemented by bio-polyester, polyols and other substances. The starch content of this tableware can be as high as 80%.

After being discarded and composted, it can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water in only 3-6 months, and no other pollutants are produced during the degradation process. Originated from nature and returned to nature.

3.The China Corn Starch Lunch Box

The China Corn Starch Lunch Box we produce is microwaveable, refrigerated, waterproof and oil-proof.It can meet the needs of various catering businesses. The lunch box is thickened and pressure-resistant, and can bear a load of more than 5kq. It is not easy to deform even if it is stacked in multiple layers, and it is more assured for takeaway delivery.

Application of Chinese rice husk tableware and Chinese corn starch lunch box

Biodegradable disposable tableware has the characteristics of environmental protection and degradability. Even if used in outdoor environments, it can be quickly decomposed under natural conditions and will not cause long-term burden on the environment.

In addition, it can be used in chain catering groups, takeaways, supermarkets and retail, professional consumables suppliers and other scenarios to replace traditional disposable plastic tableware and reduce environmental pollution.

With the continuous development of the global economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, consumers’ demand for disposable tableware has increased in quantity and quality. Our Rice Husk Tableware and Corn Starch Lunch Box just meets this demand, and its high-quality raw materials and safe hygienic performance have also been recognized by consumers.

In summary, the use scenarios of biodegradable disposable tableware are very wide, covering almost all occasions where disposable tableware is needed. Their environmental protection and convenience make them have broad prospects and potential in the market.