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Experience the future of sustainable dining with our Fully Degraded Lunch Box and Go Green Dining Box, proudly manufactured in China. As a pioneering degradable tableware manufacturer, we specialize in crafting China Plastic-Free Dining Bowls and a wide range of China Consumable Dishware, revolutionizing the way we eat while preserving our planet.

Our Fully Degraded Lunch Boxes epitomize eco-efficiency, engineered from bio-based materials that break down harmlessly in nature, eliminating the need for harmful plastics. These lunch boxes are designed for everyday use, perfect for schools, offices, and outdoor activities, combining convenience with a reduced environmental footprint.The Go Green Dining Box collection pushes the boundaries of sustainability further, offering a sophisticated alternative for eco-conscious diners. These boxes are not only stylish but also highly functional, microwave-safe, and freezer-friendly, making them versatile for all mealtime scenarios.

China Plastic-Free Dining Bowls from our facility are a testament to innovation, designed to replace traditional plastic bowls without compromising on durability or user experience. Ideal for soups, salads, and cereals, they are the ultimate choice for those committed to a plastic-free lifestyle.Join hands with us, your trusted China Consumable Dishware manufacturer and supplier, and let’s embark on a journey towards a greener tomorrow.

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