Emballage de qualité pour boîte à lunch en papier d'aluminium, promouvoir une vie saine

Octobre 23, 2023 | Nouvelles de la société

Trois années d'épidémie se sont écoulées. Du début de l’épidémie à nos jours, tous les horizons ont été touchés à des degrés divers. Il est incontestable que le secteur de la restauration collective et de la vente à emporter est particulièrement touché.. In order to enhance competitiveness, many businesses have begun to seek online breakthroughs, which are carried out online and offline at the same time. In order to create a more healthy quality of life, businesses in the launch of takeout at the same time using a more environmentally friendly aluminum foil lunch box for packaging, to solve the plastic lunch box smell and unhealthy, environmentally unfriendly and unhealthy drawbacks.

The fast pace of modern cities has made takeout a larger market, but with the development of society and the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for food are becoming higher and higher, so many businesses start from the takeout packaging box, the original plastic lunch box all replaced with a more environmentally friendly, more healthy aluminum foil lunch box, the biggest feature of this lunch box is good sealing, can withstand high and low temperatures, It also has a good insulation effect, even if the dish is very hot, the lunch box will not produce other tastes, the competition in the take-out industry is actually more cruel, both to consider online traffic, but also to consider whether the guests can accept.

In recent years, everyone has advocated garbage classification, including the children in kindergartens have also emphasized the need to cultivate the good habit of garbage classification, make efforts to improve the living environment, and contribute to the green development and sustainable development. In this context, the choice of takeout lunch box materials is more rigorous, and the advantages of aluminum foil lunch boxes and food packaging containers in recycling are highlighted, and they are proud again. Beat all other materials! Aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers will gradually become the first choice of packaging box materials in the future catering takeout and food packaging market.

Aluminum foil lunch boxes are very common in our daily life now, such as kitchen cooking, takeout packaging and other fields. Aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers are very suitable for high temperature sterilization and heat sealing, aluminum foil lunch box containers can also use a variety of heating methods, including a variety of ovens, steamer, air fryer, open fire heating, etc.. The raw material of aluminum foil lunch box is edible grade aluminum foil, it is compared with traditional plastic lunch boxes, aluminum foil lunch boxes can be recycled after use, aluminum foil lunch boxes have many advantages, The application scenario is also very many, the application prospect is broad, and the aluminum foil lunch box is harmless to the human body, and can be used with confidence.