China Bagasse Tableware Products

  • Specifica tion(mm):207*142*62
  • Carton size (mm) :590*450*435
  • Packing (pcs):300
  • Remarks(cover): 50pcs*6 (base): 50pcs*6

To learn more about KIM-BOLI bagasse tableware or to explore how our products can enhance your sustainable practices, feel free to contact us. The cornerstone of the KIM-BOLI product line is sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer. These products are crafted from the fibrous residue of sugar cane processing, known as bagasse, and are both biodegradable and compostable. KIM-BOLI’s bagasse tableware embodies a strong commitment to the planet, offering a green dining experience without compromising functionality.

Every KIM-BOLI piece is a mark of quality. These are not your ordinary disposable plates and bowls; they are designed to be rugged and reliable. Whether you’re serving a steaming meal or a refreshing cold salad, our sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer ensures durability, preventing leaks and breaks. KIM-BOLI also provides excellent after-sales service that reflects the quality of its products.

Size Range for Biodegradable Tableware Manufacturer

1. Small Lunch Box: Typically small in size, these lunch boxes are perfect for carrying small amounts of food such as fruits and snacks. Dimensions, if available, are approximately 220x190x45mm.
2. Medium-Sized Lunch Box: Ideal for work meals or school lunches, these come in various sizes such as 300ml, 320ml, 450ml, 500ml, and 600ml.
3. Large Lunch Box: Larger in size, these lunch boxes are suitable for carrying more food or for family picnics, with sizes including 750ml, 850ml, and 1000ml.

By choosing sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer and biodegradable tableware manufacturer from KIM-BOLI, you are opting for a sustainable, reliable, and eco-friendly dining solution. Our products not only meet your practical needs but also contribute to a healthier planet.

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