China Biodegradable Compostable Cup Company

  • Certification: BPI/OK Compost/efsa/BRC/NSF/Sedex/BSCI/ISO9001
  • Size:191X135.9X44/58.7
  • Product Weight:20 grams

At the forefront of environmentally mindful dining solutions, Kim-Boli has emerged as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of biodegradable compostable cups. With a thorough understanding of modern sustainability demands, Kim-Boli is dedicated to offering products that cater not only to utility but also to ecological responsibility. Their range of biodegradable compostable cup is a compelling testament to this commitment.

In today’s world, where the importance of sustainability can no longer be overlooked, Kim-Boli’s biodegradable compostable cup presents a valuable solution. Their tableware is engineered to degrade completely, thereby minimizing environmental impact and contributing significantly to waste reduction initiatives.

The biodegradable compostable cup during use, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Correct disposal: After use, it should be thrown into the marked biodegradable trash can. It is prohibited to discard it at will.
2. Mind the heat: This type of tableware can handle some heat, but it’s best to watch out because it’s not a fan of really hot stuff. So remember, when using it, try to keep it away from too much heat to keep it in good shape.
3. Keep It Dry: Our fully degradable tableware is pretty tough, and while it’s made to fight off water, it’s not meant for a swim. Long baths or hanging out in really damp places aren’t great for it, so try to keep it dry to make sure it stays sturdy.

The biodegradable compostable cup of application areas:

Disposable, fully biodegradable tableware fits right in just about anywhere—your kitchen, the local diner, food courts, outdoor picnics, BBQs, road trips, parties—you name it. It’s knocking the socks off the old-school throwaway stuff because it’s eco-friendly, and pretty much everyone from all around is starting to take notice and give it the thumbs up.

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