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  • Specifica tion(mm):138*61
  • Carton size (mm):665*290*575
  • Packing (pcs):300

If you’re seeking an eco-conscious, sturdy, and actual meal solution, consuming dishware is an excellent pick. This brand introduces an innovative approach to disposable lunch boxes, with its base material shifting from traditional plastic to biodegradable cornstarch. Its durability, practical use, and focus on environmental preservation make it a favorite among consumers.

The advantageous features of consumable dishware include:

1. Environmental Preservation: Crafted from biodegradable resources, these lunch boxes decompose naturally in a short span, leaving no hazardous residuals. It illustrates a key stride towards reducing plastic waste, thereby massively contributing to environmental safeguarding.
2. Food Safety: Free of harmful substances, our eco-friendly lunch boxes don’t introduce any harmful chemicals while heating food, thereby ensuring the utmost safety of your food.
3. Hearty Resistance: Our bento boxes are perfect for food items requiring microwave heating or a chilling effect. It manages to endure extreme temperature changes without any sign of melting or distortion.
4. Practical Design: The design of our eco-friendly lunch boxes is aimed at practicality, catering to varying food needs. Convenient to carry and just the right size, these boxes are apt for a plethora of applications, be it home, school, the office, or outdoor picnics.

Choosing consumable dishware proposes a green, healthy, and practical choice. Regardless of whether you’re a parent in search of sturdy meal boxes, an office-goer eyeing portable lunch options, or an eco-nomad scouting for a green lunch box for your picnics, this choice empowers you to lead a sturdy life while being a vigilante helping the earth fend off plastic pollution.

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