China Disposable Bagasse Paper Plate Supplier

  • Product weight:86kgs
  • MOQ:10 Cartons
  • Lead Time:3-10days

Sugarcane bagasse plate manufacturer and China Consumable Dishware is widely used in various fields. Whether you are a student, an office worker, an outdoor enthusiast, or a man or woman who loves cooking, you can choose to use these products. From school lunches, to work meals at the office, to outdoor picnics, everything is inseparable from this green lunch box.

Sugarcane bagasse plate manufacturer is usually made of environmentally friendly, degradable, and harmless materials. Such as bamboo fiber, PLA corn plastic, etc. are common raw materials. This material decomposes naturally without any negative impact on the environment. Environmentally friendly lunch boxes do not contain substances harmful to the human body, such as plasticizers, heavy metals, etc. You don’t have to worry about food safety when you use an eco-friendly lunch box to carry your food. The design of China Consumable Dishware is user-friendly and usually comes with multiple lunch boxes, which can load different foods and avoid cross-flavor between foods. It is convenient for us to load meals separately and maintain their original deliciousness. Eco-friendly lunch boxes come in a variety of designs, with a variety of colors and patterns for consumers to choose from. Cute designs make every meal fun.

When using sugarcane bagasse plate manufacturers, there are some things to note:

1.Temperature: Although most environmentally friendly lunch boxes can withstand a certain temperature, you should still avoid exposing them to too high or too low temperatures.
2.Cleaning: Proper cleaning and care can ensure the long life of the environmentally friendly lunch box and the hygienic safety of the food. Clean the remaining food fragments in the box promptly and wash it with warm water and neutral dish soap.
3.Avoid using the microwave: Although some eco-friendly lunch boxes are marked as microwaveable, for safety reasons, it is recommended to heat the food in a microwave-safe plate or basin.

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