China Disposable Biodegradable Tray Manufacturers

  • Size:250.9X162X48/63.2MM
  • Product Weight:30 grams
  • General Packing:bulk pack

The Disposable Biodegradable Tray is an environmentally friendly dining solution crafted from natural biomaterials. Perfect for meals on the go, this tableware is completely eco-conscious, decomposing naturally without harming the planet. It embodies the principle of living harmoniously with nature while leaving no trace behind.

The Disposable Biodegradable Tray is versatile, making it an ideal choice for family picnics outdoors, packing lunches for work, and serving as sustainable tableware in schools, businesses, restaurants, cafeterias, and other communal dining settings. It is also highly favored by the takeaway industry for its commitment to eco-friendly dining solutions.

Why Choose Disposable Biodegradable Tray:

1. Eco-Friendly: The Disposable Biodegradable Tray effortlessly decomposes after use, aligning with nature rather than contributing to pollution or depleting natural resources.
2. Durability: Despite being biodegradable, the Disposable Biodegradable Tray is remarkably sturdy, capable of supporting your meal without risk of breakage or leakage.
3. Convenience: Lightweight and easy to use, the Disposable Biodegradable Tray allows for a hassle-free dining experience with no need for dishwashing afterward.
4. Safety: Manufactured without harmful chemicals, the Disposable Biodegradable Tray ensures your food remains uncontaminated and safe for consumption.
5. Versatility: Whether for a family gathering, a work lunch, school meals, or a leisurely day at the park, the Disposable Biodegradable Tray is your go-to companion for any occasion.

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