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  • Size:152.9X147X44.2/178.2MM
  • Product Weight:21 grams

The KIM-BOLI Environment-Friendly Tableware lineup is not just any tableware; it’s a testament to sustainable dining practices. Crafted from bagasse, the fibrous residue left from sugar cane processing, each piece of this tableware is biodegradable and compostable, embodying our dedication to the planet. KIM-BOLI’s bagasse tableware stands as a beacon of eco-friendly dining solutions, ensuring that functionality is not sacrificed in the pursuit of environmental stewardship.

Every item within the KIM-BOLI Environment-Friendly Tableware collection signifies exceptional quality. Far from the typical disposable plates and bowls, these items are designed to be sturdy and dependable. Whether it’s for serving hot meals or cold salads, the Environment-Friendly Tableware is engineered to prevent leaks and breaks, upholding the integrity of your culinary presentations. Moreover, KIM-BOLI’s commitment to excellence is mirrored in its outstanding after-sales service.

Size Range of Environment-Friendly Tableware

1. Small Environment-Friendly Lunch Box: Ideal for small servings, this lunch box measures approximately 220x190x45mm. It’s perfect for carrying light snacks or fruit portions.
2. Medium Environment-Friendly Lunch Box: This medium-sized option is versatile for work meals or school lunches, available in various capacities including 300ml, 320ml, 450ml, 500ml, and 600ml.
3. Large Environment-Friendly Lunch Box: For those needing to carry more substantial meals or for family outings, the large lunch box comes in sizes of 750ml, 850ml, and 1000ml.

The quality and durability of KIM-BOLI eco-friendly tableware:

1. Material Selection: KIM-BOLI selects high-quality, sustainable materials for its tableware. The primary material used is bagasse, a by-product of sugar cane processing. This not only makes the products eco-friendly but also ensures they are strong and durable.
2. Manufacturing Process: The manufacturing process is carefully monitored and controlled to ensure that each piece of Environment-Friendly Tableware meets strict quality standards. Advanced technologies are employed to mold and press the bagasse into sturdy tableware that can withstand various food temperatures and types without leaking or breaking.
3. Quality Control Checks: KIM-BOLI implements rigorous quality control checks throughout the production process. From the raw material to the final product, each step is scrutinized to ensure that the tableware is of the highest quality, free from defects, and meets the company’s sustainability standards.
4. Research and Development: The company invests in research and development to continuously improve the quality, durability, and environmental performance of its products. This includes testing new materials and manufacturing techniques that can enhance the strength and compostability of the tableware.
5. Customer Feedback: KIM-BOLI values customer feedback and uses it to inform product improvements. By understanding how the tableware performs in real-world settings, the company can make adjustments to enhance its durability and functionality.

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