China Go Green Dining Box Suppliers

  • Certification: BPI/OK COMPOST/efsa/BRC/NSF/Sedex/BSCI/ISO9001
  • Size:152.9X147X44.2/178.2MM
  • Product Weight:21 grams

At the forefront of sustainable dining solutions, Kim-Boli stands out as a leading producer and provider of the Go Green Dining Box. With a profound understanding of current environmental requirements, this brand is committed to delivering products that marry functionality with eco-sensitivity. The Go Green Dining Box product line powerfully mirrors this dedication.

In the present age, where sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity, the Go Green Dining Box from Kim-Boli offers a significant solution. Designed to fully decompose, this tableware minimizes its environmental footprint and significantly contributes to waste reduction efforts.

Utilizing the Go Green Dining Box entails paying close attention to the following matters:

1. Proper discard: Post-use, the box should find its way to designated biodegradable trash receptacles. Littering is strongly advised against.
2. Heat awareness: While the box can manage a level of warmth, extreme heat isn’t its best companion. So, during use, remember to keep it away from high temperatures to maintain its quality.
3. Keep it dry: While the tableware exhibits resistance to water, it isn’t designed for extended exposure to damp conditions. Keeping it dry ensures its durability.

The Go Green Dining Box can be applied in the following areas:

1. Restaurants and cafeterias: Ideal for use in restaurants and cafeterias to provide customers with an eco-friendly option for takeout and leftovers.
2. Corporate Offices: Can be used in corporate offices for employee meals, promoting sustainability within the workplace.
3. Schools and universities: suitable for school and university cafeterias to encourage students to adopt environmentally friendly practices.
4. Events and Catering: Perfect for events and catering services to offer guests a green alternative to food packaging.
5. Households: Can be used at home for storing leftovers or packing meals, reducing the use of single-use plastics.

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