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  • Size:191X135.9X44/58.7
  • Product Weight:20 grams
  • General Packing: bulk pack

Green Bento Boxes are eco-friendly tableware made from natural biomaterials. This tableware is super handy for on-the-go meals, but it’s also totally green—it breaks down completely without messing with the planet. It’s all about living in sync with nature and not leaving a mess behind.

Field application:

Green Bento Boxes are not only suitable for family outdoor picnics and bringing meals to work, but they are also suitable for use as tableware in schools, companies, restaurants, canteens, and other public places to meet the needs of environmentally friendly catering. It is also the preferred product for millions of takeaway industries.

Why choose Green Bento Boxes?

1. Eco-Friendly: This lunch box breaks down on its own after you’re done with it—no fuss. It gets along with Mother Nature and doesn’t pile on to the pollution problem or hog natural resources.

2. Tough Stuff: Don’t let the ‘biodegradable’ tag fool you; this lunch box is tough as nails. It can hold its own against the weight of your meal without breaking or spilling.

3. Grab and Go: It’s super light, a cakewalk to use, and you can toss it after eating—no dishes to scrub.

4. Food Safe: No sketchy chemicals were invited to the party when making these boxes, so your food is safe, and so are you.

5. Use It Here, There, Anywhere: Whether it’s a family outing, lunch at work, school dining, or a day out in the park, these lunch boxes are ready to join you.

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