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  • Description:Bowl 450 tableware/meal box
  • Raw Material :Corn starch biodegradable
  • Capcity:450ml

Prominently advocating for environmentally mindful dining solutions, green dining bowls have become an integral part of the eco-friendly tableware landscape. Engineered from natural biomaterials, these bowls align perfectly with the ‘carry-and-consume’ lifestyle, and their innate ‘earth-friendly’ disposition ensures seamless biodegradation post-usage, fostering a harmonious balance with nature while championing the cause of minimal waste generation.

Field of application:

The scope of usage for the Green Dining Bowls extend beyond just home-based outdoor picnics or work meals. They are equally effective as dining tableware in schools, corporations, restaurants, canteens, and other public establishments seeking to reinforce their commitment toward eco-catering. Moreover, these nature-friendly bowls are rapidly becoming a favored product within the takeaway industry, attesting to their versatility and widespread acceptance.

Reasons to opt for green dining bowls:

1. Eco-conscious: Developed to degrade organically post-disposal, these bowls augment their kinship with the environment by not contributing to pollution or exploiting non-renewable resources.
2. Robust Composition: Despite their ‘biodegradable’ label, the Green Dining Bowls stand out for their resilience. They excellently support the content of your meal without succumbing to breakages or leakages.
3. User Convenience: Lightweight and remarkably easy to use, these bowls eliminate post-meal cleaning hassles, lending further credence to their ‘use-and-toss’ appeal.
4. Food Safety Priority: The production of these bowls circumvents the involvement of potentially harmful chemicals, thus ensuring that their contact with your food is absolutely safe.
5. Versatility: From family gatherings, workplace lunches, and school meal times to alfresco dining scenarios, the Green Dining Bowls are always ready to accompany you in your culinary journeys.

How do green dining bowls contribute to environmentally friendly solutions?

1. Eco-Friendly: Made from natural biomaterials, the bowls decompose after usage, not contributing to long-term pollution or depleting valuable resources.
2. Biodegradable: Despite their toughness, which prevents meal spillages or breakages, these bowls still break down effectively after usage.
3. Safe: The bowls are lightweight and easy-to-use, eliminating the need for after-meal cleanup. Additionally, they are crafted without involving any harmful chemicals, ensuring food safety.

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