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  • Specifica tion(mm):138*61
  • Carton size (mm):665*290*575
  • Packing (pcs):300
  • Remarks(cover): 50pcs*8 (base): 50pcs*8

The Green Dining Box stands as a testament to eco-friendly dining implements specialized in the use of natural biomaterials. Practical for meals on the move, the Green Dining Box is completely green—completely decomposable, leaving no environmental footprint, and embodying harmony with nature.

How does the durability of a green dining box compare to traditional plastic containers?

Based on the provided information, the Green Dining Box is crafted to be as durable as traditional plastic containers. Despite its ‘biodegradable’ tag, it’s touted as ‘tough as nails’ and is able to support the weight of your meal without breaking or spilling, just like traditional plastic containers. However, unlike plastic containers, green dining boxes have the added advantage of being eco-friendly and can decompose naturally after use, thus not damaging the environment.

Why opt for the Green Dining Box?

1. Environmentally Friendly: This lunch container decomposes naturally after use, not exacerbating pollution nor consuming excess natural resources.
2. Durable: A ‘biodegradable’ label doesn’t compromise its strength. The lunch box maintains its form, carrying the weight of your meal without breakage or spills.
3. Convenient: lightweight, easy to operate, and disposable post-meal, eliminating clean-up chores.
4. Safe: Manufactured in the absence of potentially harmful chemicals, ensuring both the safety of your food and yourself.
5. Versatile: Be it family gatherings, lunch at work, school dining, or picnicking in the park, these lunch boxes are always at your service.

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