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  • Size 250.9X162X48/63.2MM
  • Product Weight:30 grams
  • General Packing:bulk pack

Nature-Friendly Food Box enjoys broad application in diverse settings such as restaurants, canteens, takeout services, family gatherings, picnics, and barbecues, and is favored by the public. The key benefit of the Nature-Friendly Food Box lies in its eco-friendliness. All these dining boxes are fully biodegradable and pose no harm to the environment. Even though these degradable dining plates are biodegradable, they match the performance of conventional plastic dinner plates in terms of stability and durability. The Nature-Friendly Food Box’s transportation and usage are more convenient as it is lighter than regular ceramic and metal dinner plates. A variety of textures and colors are offered in these degradable dining plates to cater to every aesthetic preference.

When using your Nature-Friendly Food Box, take note of the following aspects:

1. Avoid high temperatures: Though the degradable dining plates have a degree of heat resistance, prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures may cause them to deform and lose functionality. Typically, they can withstand temperatures ranging from 70 to 100 degrees Celsius.
2. Avoid cleaning appliances: Degradable dining plates are designed for single-use, and hence, cleaning in dishwashers is not recommended and reuse is discouraged.
3. Dispose properly: Despite degradable dining plates being biodegradable, it’s advised to dispose of them in designated biodegradable waste bins to facilitate their return to nature.

Are there any specific temperature limitations for using degradable dining plates

There are specific temperature limitations for using degradable dining plates. The plates can withstand temperatures ranging from 70 to 100 degrees Celsius. It’s important to avoid exposing them to higher temperatures for a long period of time, as it may cause the plates to lose their original shape and function.

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