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  • Packing (pcs):300
  • Remarks (cover): 50pcs*6 (base): 50pcs*6
  • Certification:NPQTC/CNAS/MA/ILAC-MAR
  • Product weight:49kgs

Bagasse tableware is made of bagasse, which is a rich and renewable material. After being made into tableware, it can be put into the compost pile for biodegradation without producing any harmful substances, bringing zero environmental pollution. Compared with paper tableware, bagasse tableware is tougher and will not break easily like materials such as foam plastics. China Consumable Dishware can be used in a variety of dining occasions. Bagasse tableware can withstand temperatures of 120 to 140 degrees and is suitable for microwave heating. The disposable biodegradable plates manufacturing process of bagasse tableware does not involve chemicals that are harmful to the human body, and no harmful substances are released during use, which can ensure food safety. Bagasse material is easy to press into various shapes, and various tableware such as plates, bowls, cups, etc. can be produced.

After use, bagasse tableware can be directly put into the compost pile for biodegradation, which will not have any impact on the environment. So it is a truly environmentally friendly product. The China Consumable Dishware in addition to being environmentally friendly, bagasse tableware has other advantages. It has good heat resistance, can withstand hot drinks and hot food, and has a tough texture and will not break easily like foam plastics. It is convenient and safe to use.

The disposable biodegradable plates what are the characteristics of the production process?

1. Bagasse collection: First, the remaining bagasse is collected, which is the residue after extracting syrup from the sugarcane mill.
2. Cleaning and screening: The bagasse undergoes a thorough cleaning process to remove any impurities.
3. Pulping: The cleaned bagasse is cut into small pieces, mixed with water and converted into a paste through mechanical stirring.
4. Moulding: The sugarcane pulp is poured into a mould or pressed by a special machine to form the required tableware shape.
5. Pressing and drying: The tableware is pressed and shaped by high temperature and pressure, and then dried at high temperature to remove moisture from the tableware.

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