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  • ltem Code:Y-450
  • Description:Bowl 450 tableware/meal box
  • Raw Material :Corn starch biodegradable
  • Capcity:450ml

Consumable Dishware is tableware that can be consumed (discarded after use). This type of product includes but is not limited to paper plates, plastic plates, corn starch plates, etc. Disposable biodegradable plates are usually used in parties, picnics, barbecues, etc., and can be directly discarded after use, reducing the workload of cleaning. In addition, there is a category of environmentally friendly degradable tableware, such as compostable paper plates and sugarcane fiber plates, which can be biodegraded after use and have less impact on the environment. When discarding used disposable tableware, it should be handled in accordance with local garbage classification regulations.

China Consumable Dishware in order to improve the performance of environmentally friendly tableware and reduce costs, continuous technical research and development is carried out, such as improving the temperature resistance, strength and degradation rate of materials, and developing new environmentally friendly materials. Disposable biodegradable plates being able to ensure that these tableware degrades quickly and correctly in the actual environment to avoid becoming another form of pollution is one of the current problems.

China Consumable Dishware of what are the advantages compared to ordinary manufacturers

1. Environmental protection: Compared with traditional plastic tableware, these tableware are biodegradable, which can effectively reduce plastic waste and reduce the impact on the environment.
2. Safety: These tableware are usually made of natural materials, do not contain harmful chemicals, and can ensure food safety.
3. Convenience: Suitable for take-out and party occasions. No need to clean after meals, can be directly discarded, reducing the difficulty of use.
4. Durable: Although it is disposable, it also has a certain durability and is not easy to break.
5. Beautiful: Many consumable tableware focuses on design, with a variety of styles and colors, which can improve the dining experience.
6. Economic: Compared with traditional tableware such as ceramics and glass, disposable tableware has a lower cost and is an economical choice for commercial activities.

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