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  • Specifica tion(mm):265*233*48.5
  • Carton size (mm):535*470*580
  • Packing (pcs):200
  • Remarks (cover): 50pcs (base): 50pcsx
  • Certification:NPQTC/CNAS/MA/ILAC-MAR

Rice husk tableware manufacturers cater to a myriad of settings, ranging from restaurants, cafeterias, takeout services, family gatherings, picnics, barbecues, and other culinary events, garnering widespread appreciation. The paramount virtue of rice husk tableware lies in its profound eco-friendliness; all nature-friendly dining box manufacturers are biodegradable, posing no threat to the environment. While echoing the durability and stability of conventional plastic ware, these nature-friendly dining boxes are lighter alternatives to traditional ceramic or metallic dishes, enhancing portability and ease of use. Available in diverse textures and hues, they elegantly accommodate varied aesthetic preferences.

When utilizing products from nature-friendly dining box manufacturers, users should observe the following guidelines:

1. Temperature Caution: Although exhibiting a degree of heat resistance, extended exposure to high temperatures might compromise the plates’ integrity and functionality. It’s advisable to keep them within a safe temperature range of 70-100 degrees Celsius.
2. Single-Use Design: Given their single-use nature, these Degradable Dining Plates are not intended for dishwasher cleaning or reuse, in line with their intended disposability.
3. Timely Disposal: To expedite their return to nature, despite their biodegradable nature, it’s crucial to discard used plates in designated degradable waste bins.

Amidst a growing eco-conscious consumer landscape, Degradable Dining Plates, as produced by pioneering enterprises like KIM-BOLI, epitomize sustainable choices without compromising on product excellence. KIM-BOLI, a forerunner among rice husk tableware manufacturers, successfully marries environmental responsibility with product superiority, setting a benchmark for responsible consumption within the industry.

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