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  • Specifica tion(mm):207*142*62
  • Carton size (mm) :590*450*435
  • Packing (pcs):300
  • Remarks(cover): 50pcs*6 (base): 50pcs*6

Rice husk tableware is an environmentally friendly tableware made from ground and refined natural rice husk. This kind of tableware makes full use of rice husks, an agricultural waste, and transforms them into practical household items in daily life, allowing its natural advantages to be brought into play, which is more in line with our pursuit of environmental protection and health in our daily lives.

The raw materials of degradable tableware manufacturer attention to the use

1.Chill Out with a Cold Soak:Once you’re done using your tableware, pop it into cold water. Hold off on the hot water wash right away to keep it from going out of shape because of the quick temperature change.
2.Warm Up to Warm Water Cleaning:After they’ve had a little soak, go ahead and wash them with some mild soap and warm water. Stick to gentle detergents, nothing too acidic or alkaline, so you don’t mess up the protective layer on your rice husk tableware.
3.Be Kind with a Soft Swipe:Grab a soft cloth or sponge and give your dishes a nice, easy scrub. They’ll just scratch up your tableware.
4.Towel Off and Dry Off:Dry off the water with a towel when you’re done, and then let it air dry. Better yet, let them hang out in somewhere breezy.
5.Go the Extra Mile with Deep Clean:Depending on how often you use them, give them a serious clean every week or two. Dip them in hot water with some baking soda for about ten minutes, then take a brush to them. This’ll get rid of more stubborn oil smudges and marks.

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