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  • Description:9″x6″2-C Hinged Container
  • Feature:Disposable,Eco-Friendly,Compostable,Biodegradable,Microwaveable,ovenable

Food, an integral part of our daily rhythms, finds its portable companion in lunch boxes, enhancing mealtime convenience whether at home or on the go. Our biodegradable plates transmute into benign elements—water, carbon dioxide, and biomass—through natural microbial processes, ensuring a guilt-free dining experience. Crafted from renewable resources such as paper pulp, cornstarch, sugarcane fibers, and other bio-based substances, our China Consumable Dishware eschews harmful plastics and chemicals, furthering the cause of sustainable packaging in sectors like food service and retail.

Our Disposable Biodegradable Plates represent the pinnacle of eco-innovation in food storage solutions. Engineered to securely accommodate meals while posing zero harm to the environment, these containers epitomize nature’s harmony with technology. Composed of materials that effortlessly decompose within the natural world, our China Consumable Dishware embodies our pledge to environmental stewardship and mitigates the ecological footprint of disposable tableware.

Adopting Disposable Biodegradable Plates usher in a multitude of benefits:

1. Environmental Stewardship: Each plate’s biodegradability contributes positively to environmental preservation, reflecting a conscious lifestyle choice.
2. Resource Optimization: By harnessing agricultural residues, we convert would-be waste into valuable resources, fostering a circular economy.
3. Everyday Convenience: Versatile in their application, these boxes streamline food storage, organize stationery, and tidily manage small items, enhancing daily life’s practicality.

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