Oem Bagasse Plate Customized Supplier

  • Color:White color(or Nature)
  • Raw Material:Sugarcane bagasse fiber pulp
  • MOQ:50,000 pcs/item
  • Lead Time:30 days

Sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer by China Consumable Dishware stands out as a 100% biodegradable option. Unique compared to conventional tableware, it completely decomposes within a year of disposal, leaving behind no harmful remnants. During its production, our sugarcane bagasse tableware ensures a process free of toxic emissions, fostering a clean and eco-responsible usage experience. Catering to diverse needs, we offer an array of box sizes and designs. The aesthetic simplicity and elegance of China Consumable Dishware presentations perfectly complement your minimalist lifestyle.

Our commitment to your health and the environment is evident as our sugarcane bagasse tableware is free from artificial colorants, heavy metals, and plasticizers. This guarantees the safety of your food, allowing you to enjoy your meals worry-free. Despite being crafted from sustainable materials, the integrity of our tableware is uncompromised. It exhibits exceptional strength and rigidity, capable of holding up well with hot foods. The variety extends beyond boxes to include disposable cups, bowls, plates, and cutlery sets, providing a complete eco-friendly solution for dining at home, in the office, or during outdoor picnics.

Ensuring the food safety standards of China Consumable Dishware involves several steps:

1. Verification of Certifications: It’s critical to check for food safety certifications like the ISO 22000 food safety management system standard, among others, provided by credible institutions.
2. Understanding the Production Mechanism: Gaining insight into the product’s manufacturing process and the sources of its raw materials can be informative. A responsible manufacturing process should encompass raw material inspections, stringent production monitoring, and final product quality checks.
3. Exploring Third-party Endorsements: Reviews or assessments by independent bodies can offer valuable information regarding the compliance of products with food safety norms.
4. Product Packaging Inspection: The product’s packaging should transparently list ingredients, nutritional content, production and expiry dates, and other relevant information, ensuring transparency and trust.

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