Oem Bagasse Plate Supplier

  • Raw Material:Sugarcane bagasse fiber pulp
  • MOQ:50,000 pcs/item

Sugarcane bagasse tableware, crafted from the abundant and renewable resource of bagasse, embodies sustainability at its finest. Once transformed into tableware, it seamlessly integrates into compost piles for natural biodegradation, leaving no toxic residues behind and ensuring a zero-pollution environmental footprint. Compared to conventional paper tableware, bagasse alternatives exhibit superior toughness, resisting breakage typically associated with materials like foam plastics.

This versatility of sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer allows it to cater to diverse dining scenarios, withstanding temperatures ranging from 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and being microwave-safe. The manufacturing process upheld by China Consumable Dishware avoids the use of harmful chemicals, thereby preventing the emission of any detrimental substances during use, assuring food safety. Moreover, bagasse’s malleability enables the creation of a variety of tableware forms such as plates, bowls, and cups.Post-consumption, these bagasse tableware pieces can be directly composted, reinforcing their status as genuinely eco-friendly products.

Delving into the distinct characteristics of China Consumable Dishware’s production process for bagasse tableware:

1. Bagasse Sourcing: The journey initiates with the gathering of leftover bagasse, the fibrous residue post-sugar extraction in mills.
2. Purification Process: A meticulous cleaning and sieving stage follows, eliminating all contaminants from the bagasse.
3. Pulping Preparation: Cleaned bagasse is finely chopped, mixed with water, and transformed into a pulp through mechanical agitation.
4. Molding Magic: This sugarcane pulp is then poured or pressed into molds by specialized machinery, assuming the desired tableware shapes.
5. Pressing & Drying: High-temperature pressing solidifies the shape, followed by a drying phase to eliminate moisture, ensuring the tableware is ready for use.

China Consumable Dishware’s meticulous sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer not only champions environmental preservation but also exemplifies a commitment to durability, safety, and versatility in modern tableware solutions.

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