Oem Bagasse Plates Factory Product

  • Size 250.9X162X48/63.2MM
  • Product Weight:30 grams
  • General Packing:bulk pack

Our sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer is 100% biodegradable and once discarded, it completely breaks down naturally within a year without any toxic residue. It is very different from traditional tableware. Our boxes do not emit any harmful substances during the production manufacturer, giving you a clean and environmentally friendly use experience. We offer boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes. The appearance of China Consumable Dishware design is simple and elegant, enough to satisfy your pursuit of simplicity.

Our sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer has no colorings, no heavy metals, and no plasticizers, ensuring the safety of your meals so you can eat with peace of mind. Despite using eco-friendly materials, our tableware does not compromise on quality. The tableware is strong and has good rigidity, making it adaptable to warm food.We provide a variety of cutlery, including disposable cups, bowls, plates and various cutlery, providing a comprehensive solution for home, office or outdoor picnics.

How to tell if China Consumable Dishware meets food safety standards?

1.Check relevant certificates:Manufacturers should obtain food safety-related certifications, such as ISO 22000 food safety management system standard certification, or other production licenses issued by authoritative organizations.
2.Understand the production process:Understand the production process of the product and the source of raw materials. A good production process usually includes inspection of raw materials, strict monitoring of the manufacturing process, and quality testing of the finished product.
3.View third-party reviews:View product reviews or test results conducted by third-party organizations. Can provide information on whether the product meets food safety standards.
4.Check the product packaging:The product packaging should have a clear list of raw materials, nutritional information, production date, shelf life and other information.

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