Oem Bagasse Plates Pricelist Product

  • Description:145# bone dish
  • Product size:145*12.5
  • Raw material:Rice Husk
  • Packing quantity:1000pcs

Sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer harnesses the abundance of bagasse, a renewable resource, to create eco-friendly dining solutions. Once transformed into tableware, these items seamlessly integrate into compost heaps for natural biodegradation, devoid of any environmental pollutants. Outperforming paper tableware in terms of durability, bagasse alternatives resist breakage, surpassing the fragility associated with materials like foam plastics. China Consumable Dishware‘s bagasse tableware is versatile, capable of withstanding temperatures between 120 to 140 degrees Celsius, making it microwave-safe. The production process shuns harmful chemicals, ensuring food safety through usage, and the malleable nature of bagasse facilitates the crafting of diverse tableware forms, including plates, bowls, and cups.

Post-utilization, these tableware pieces are compostable, further solidifying their status as genuinely eco-conscious products. Beyond environmental friendliness, China Consumable Dishware’s bagasse tableware boasts heightened heat resistance, accommodating hot beverages and foods, coupled with a robust structure that resists cracking, offering a secure and user-friendly experience.

Delving into the unique characteristics of China Consumable Dishware’s production methodology for bagasse tableware:

1. Bagasse Sourcing: The journey initiates with the gathering of leftover sugarcane bagasse post-syrup extraction at mills.
2. Purification Process: An exhaustive cleaning regimen ensues, eliminating contaminants from the bagasse.
3. Pulping Stage: Cleaned bagasse is finely chopped, mixed with water, and transformed into a pulp through intense mechanical agitation.
4. Molding Technique: This pulped sugarcane blend is then poured or pressed into customized molds by specialized machinery, assuming the desired tableware forms.

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