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  • Description:Cuboid 1000 tableware/meal box
  • Raw Material:Corn starch biodegradable
  • Capcity:1000ml

Sugarcane bagasse tableware, derived from the abundant and renewable resource of bagasse, embodies sustainability at its core. Once transformed into tableware, it gracefully biodegrades in compost piles sans the emission of harmful substances, ensuring a zero-pollution footprint on the environment. Outshining paper tableware in terms of durability, bagasse alternatives resist breakage akin to foam plastics, rendering them ideal for diverse dining scenarios. With heat resistance ranging from 120 to 140 degrees Celsius, they are microwave-safe, further augmenting their utility. The China Consumable Dishware manufacturing process steers clear of body-detrimental chemicals, thereby assuring food safety with zero toxic release during usage. Moreover, bagasse’s malleability enables the crafting of a myriad of forms, spanning plates, bowls, and cups.

Delving into the unique characteristics of sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer production methodology:

1. Bagasse Sourcing: The journey initiates with the gathering of bagasse residuals post-syrup extraction at sugar mills.
2. Thorough Purification: Undergoes meticulous cleansing to eradicate contaminants, fortifying purity.
3. Pulping Process: Cleaned bagasse is finely chopped, blended with water, and transformed into pulp through intensive mechanical agitation.
4. Molding Magic: The resultant sugarcane pulp is meticulously cast into molds or pressed by specialized machinery, assuming the desired tableware silhouette.
5. Compression and Drying: Subjected to high-temperature compression to solidify form, followed by intense heat drying to eliminate residual moisture, ensuring longevity and stability.

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