Oem Eco-Friendly Dining Plates Supplier

  • Product size:210*60mm
  • Raw material:Rice Husk
  • Packing quantity:600pcs

Introducing KIM-BOLI Eco-Friendly Dining Plates, where sustainability meets innovation on your table. Crafted with care for our planet, these dining plates decompose post-use, minimizing the environmental impact of our dining habits. Each plate stands as solid proof of KIM-BOLI’s dedication to detail and its broader mission to deliver products that benefit both people and the planet. Complemented by a commitment to excellent after-sales service, KIM-BOLI ensures that every biodegradable plate is supported every step of the way.

In manufacturing Eco-Friendly Dining Plates, our goals are clear:

  • Safety: We strictly use materials that are completely food-safe and devoid of harmful chemicals, meeting all food safety standards.
  • Innovation: Technologies enhancing moisture resistance are integrated, safeguarding the plates from breaking or warping due to wet or oily foods.
  • Flavor: As edible solutions, we prioritize the taste of our materials to complement and enhance the overall dining experience.

Our Eco-Friendly Dining Plates are constructed from diverse, natural materials:

  • Seaweed: Appreciated for its naturally gelatinous properties, providing flexibility and sturdiness in edible packaging forms.
  • Rice: Malleable enough to form films or shapes, offering a blank culinary canvas.
  • Plant-Based: From potato to cornstarch, we curate edible materials that return to the earth effortlessly.
  • Proteins: Casein and other natural proteins create protective, edible layers.
  • Polysaccharides: These starchy substances craft coatings that biodegrade with ease.
  • Lipids: Fats and waxes impart a moisture-resistant quality

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