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  • Item Code:B004
  • Description:oiodegradable sugarcane box
  • Feature: Disposable,Eco-Friendly,Compostable,Biodegradable,Microwaveable,ovenable

No matter who you are—a student fueling up for the day’s lessons, an office professional grabbing a quick lunch, an avid adventurer dining under the open sky, or a culinary enthusiast prepping for a picnic—the Environment-Friendly Dining Bowls are your go-to companions for a greener, cleaner meal experience.

Crafted from materials that love our planet back, the Environment-Friendly Dining Bowls typically comprise bamboo fibers, PLA corn plastics, and other earth-honoring substances. These materials bid farewell naturally, leaving no harmful residue and making zero compromise on environmental wellness. With these bowls, worries related to unhealthy additives like plasticizers or heavy metals are a thing of the past, ensuring food safety is always on the menu.
Designed with convenience and charm, Environment-Friendly Dining Bowls offer the separation of flavors with a compartment for each culinary delight, preserving each dish’s integrity. A palette of colors and an assortment of patterns provide a delightful feast for the eyes, bringing joy to every meal.

Utilizing Your Environment-Friendly Dining Bowls:

  1. Mind the Extremes: Maintain optimum longevity by steering clear of overly high or low temperatures.
  2. Mindful Maintenance: Swiftly clear out leftovers and wash gently with a mild cleaner to sustain the bowls’ pristine condition and food safety.
  3. Microwaving with Caution: If you need to heat your meal, transfer it to microwave-safe dishware to avoid potential risks, even if the bowls are marked microwave-friendly.

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