Oem Environment-Friendly Dining Box Products

  • Certification: BPI/OK Compost/efsa/BRC/NSF/Sedex/BSCl
  • Size:6″×4″
  • Product Weight:24 grams
  • General Packing:bulk pack

In the realms of academia, the workplace, or outdoor adventures, the Environment-Friendly Dining Box is your versatile partner. It’s more than just a container—it’s a statement of your commitment to a greener lifestyle, facilitating transitions from classroom to boardroom, or the great outdoors, with a minimal environmental footprint.

Crafted from materials like bamboo fiber and PLA corn plastic, the Environment-Friendly Dining Box is not just friendly to the Earth; it’s friendly to you. Free from toxic constituents and designed for complete biodegradability, this lunch box ensures you dine safe and sustainably. Its clever compartmentalized design segregates your culinary treats, preserving flavors as nature intended. The range provides a panoply of hues and prints, infusing enjoyment and personality into every meal.

Tips for Keeping Your Environment-Friendly Dining Box in Pristine Condition:

  1. Temperature Control: Handle with care within its safe temperature range to maintain material integrity.
  2. Considerate Cleansing: Prolong its life through vigilant cleansing—sweep out remnants and opt for gentle suds in tepid water.
  3. Microwave Mindfulness: If a warm dish beckons, transfer your food to a gadget that’s made for the microwave, as a cautionary step even if your box purports to be microwave-safe.

Embrace the eco-conscious choice with every bite using the Environment-Friendly Dining Box, where the fusion of practicality and environmental care is effortlessly delivered.

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