Oem Environment-Friendly Food Box Products

  • Size:223x201x46.25/39
  • Product Weight:38 grams
  • Item Code:B0363-C
  • Description:8″X8″3 compartment bagasse fast food packaging box

If you’re interested in learning more about how KIM-BOLI’s bagasse tableware can support your eco-journey, we’re here to guide you. The standout in our line of products is the Environment-Friendly Food Box. It’s not just tableware – it’s a sustainable innovation crafted from bagasse, the fibrous byproduct of sugar cane refinement. Both Environment-Friendly Food Box and compostable, every piece of KIM-BOLI’s tableware is an affirmation of our pledge to nurture the planet.

Our Environment-Friendly Food Box is crafted with premium quality in mind – they’re durable and dependable for all dining needs. Hearty, hot meals or cool, crisp salads, our tableware holds firm, ensuring no leaks or breaks spoil your meal. KIM-BOLI stands beside you even after your purchase, offering unparalleled after-sales service that echoes the quality of our products.

Sizes Available in Environment-Friendly Food Box:

  • Compact Delight: Our small lunch box dimensions typically measure 220 x 190 x 45 mm, perfect for fruits, snacks, or a light bite.
  • Midsize Multi-Tasker: The medium lunch box sizes range from 300ml to 600ml, adaptable for work meals, school lunches, or any midday meal.
  • Picnic Partner: For larger food content, opt for our big sizes, available in 750ml, 850ml, and 1000ml, suited for lush family picnics and gatherings.

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