Oem Fully Degraded Food Box Companies

  • Brand Name:Clients OEM
  • Certification: BPI/OK Compost/efsa/BRC/NSF/Sedex/BSCI/ISO9001
  • Size:219X202.6X47/78.4
  • Product Weight:38 grams

Whether it’s bustling eateries, warm family gatherings, or lively picnics, the practicality of Fully Degraded Food Box is undeniable. Say goodbye to post-meal dishwashing and embrace a swift dining experience. While traditional disposables, particularly plastics, burden our planet, the Fully Degraded Food Box emerges as a hero, welcomed by environmentally savvy consumers.

Designed for durability even in chilled conditions, the Fully Degraded Food Box stands up to cold temperatures, protecting food integrity without the worry of moisture loss. Remember, to avoid thermal shock, allow hot food to cool before sealing it away in the fridge.

Top Reasons to Select Fully Degraded Food Box:

  • Encourages Eco Practices: Shift toward sustainability by introducing disposable and fully degradable tableware, enhancing collective environmental consciousness.
  • Aligned with Global Trends: With governmental nudges across the globe, embracing eco-friendly alternatives like these reduces pollution, supporting a planet-positive narrative.
  • Pioneers of Green Health: The Fully Degraded Food Box is a minimal-impact choice that circumvents the health and ecological repercussions associated with plastic use.

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