Wholesale 32 Oz Bagasse Bowl Products

  • Description:210# Rice Ladle
  • Product size:210*60mm
  • Raw material:Rice Husk
  • Packing quantity:600pcs

Discover the world of KIM-BOLI’s eco-friendly tableware, and see how our products can elevate your sustainability efforts. At the heart of KIM-BOLI’s offerings lie innovative bowl bagasse suppliers, crafted from sugarcane bagasse—the fibrous byproduct of sugar production—ensuring both biodegradability and compostability. This commitment to the earth underscores our mission for a green dining revolution without compromising on performance.

Each KIM-BOLI creation stands as a testament to superior craftsmanship. Our bowls and plates defy the norms of disposability, combining durability with functionality. Engineered to withstand the heat of hearty meals or the chill of fresh salads, these bowls promise leak-proof and break-resistant service. Paired with our exceptional after-sales support, KIM-BOLI delivers a holistic experience mirroring the excellence in our products.Explore the possibilities with Sugarcane Bagasse Bowl Manufacturer and Bowl Bagasse Suppliers from KIM-BOLI, where sustainability meets style and functionality across every dining occasion.

When it comes to size versatility, Sugarcane Bagasse Bowl Manufacturer offers a range tailored to diverse needs:

Petite Delight: Perfect for snacks or fruit portions, our smallest lunch boxes measure approximately 220x190x45mm, ideal for light bites on the go.

Midsize Marvels: Designed to accommodate work lunches or school meals, our medium lunch boxes come in a variety of capacities including 300ml, 320ml, up to 600ml, fitting a spectrum of portion sizes.

Family Feast: For larger gatherings or generous servings, our extensive range features sizes such as 750ml, 850ml, and 1000ml, ideal for family picnics or catering to bigger appetites.

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