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  • Size:191X135.9X44/58.7
  • Product Weight:20 grams
  • General Packing: bulk pack

Fully Degraded Food Box is a food packaging box made of completely biodegradable materials. Bowl bagasse suppliers perfectly combines convenience, efficiency and environmental protection, allowing us to enjoy “fast” while also protecting our common “home”.Biodegradable dining bowls manufacturer is available in different sizes for users to choose from. Includes small, medium and large sizes to suit different food packaging needs. For example, a small size may be better for packing snacks or snacks, while a large size can accommodate main meals and side dishes. Whether you’re packing a hearty meal or a small afternoon dessert, bowl bagasse suppliers have you covered.

Small lunch boxes are common in life. Office workers will often carry it to pack and go to work. Small biodegradable dining bowls manufacturer is designed to be relatively compact and more suitable for carrying small portions of food, such as small lunch boxes or snacks. While the exact capacity may vary by manufacturer, generally speaking, the Small Full Range biodegradable dining bowls manufacturer can accommodate a single meal, or 2-3 small snacks. Although they look relatively small, the interior space of these lunch boxes is well designed and very accommodating, and can meet the needs of most single-person lunch boxes. If you need to pack large batches or portions of food, it is recommended to choose a medium or large fully biodegradable food box.

Bowl bagasse suppliers Can it be used in a microwave to heat food?

1.Fully degradable food boxes pay great attention to user needs in design and material selection, so many types of degradable food boxes can indeed heat food in a microwave oven.
2.Heads up, some of those completely degradable food boxes are made with unique materials that might not be microwave-friendly. When you’re buying, just have a quick chat with the seller or peek at the product’s label to see if it’s cool to zap it in the microwave.
3.Even if microwaves are available, long-term heating should be avoided to prevent deformation or other possible damage. Safety always comes first when using a microwave.

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