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  • Capcity:1000ml
  • Specifica tion(mm):247*186*47

KIM-BOLI not only excels in superior product quality but also boasts exceptional after-sales service, backed by a highly proficient team committed to customer satisfaction. With a diverse array of designs and hues, China Consumable Dishware elevates daily life with enhanced eco-friendliness and convenience.

China Consumable Dishware, whether crafted from grain or wood, skillfully fuses environmental stewardship with convenience, infusing each design and production phase with innovation and eco-centricity. All sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer products endure rigorous quality checks, ensuring they are free from harmful substances, posing no risk to human health, and promoting a worry-free dining experience.

Connecting with KIM-BOLI, the pioneering sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer:

1. Official Website Visit: Navigate to KIM-BOLI’s official online portal for comprehensive product details and direct contact options. Queries related to pricing and usage guidelines can be promptly addressed here.
2. Direct Communication: Reach out via phone or email using the contact information readily available on our official webpage.
3. Social Media Engagement: Discover our active presence across major social media platforms, where we showcase our product range and share informative videos, offering a glimpse into our factory operations and latest offerings.
4. Participate in Exhibitions: Attend the industry exhibitions we host, where our products are vividly displayed, allowing you to closely examine the craftsmanship, quality, and materials firsthand, including our latest innovations in sustainable tableware.

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