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  • Specifica tion(mm):230*130*55
  • Carton size (mm):490*485*456
  • Packing (pcs):300
  • Remarks(cover): 50pcs*4 (base): 50pcs*4

Fully Degradable Food Boxes epitomize sustainable packaging solutions, fabricated from materials that degrade harmlessly back into the ecosystem. Biodegradable tableware manufacturer masterfully unites ease of use, practicality, and environmental consciousness, enabling us to indulge in convenience without compromising our shared planetary habitat.

With a diverse array of sizes tailored to user needs, fully degradable tableware manufacturer encompasses small, medium, and large formats to accommodate a myriad of food packaging requirements. Compact small boxes are ideal for snacks or light bites, while larger options easily house full meals with accompanying sides. Whether it’s a substantial feast or a modest dessert, biodegradable tableware has the versatility to suit any culinary packaging scenario. The small variant, a staple among office-goers, is ingeniously compact for easy portability and perfectly suited for modest portions such as individual lunches or snack packs. Capacities may vary slightly between manufacturers, but typically, small fully degradable boxes can hold a single meal portion or several petite snacks, deftly utilizing interior space to satisfy most solo meal needs. For substantial or multi-course servings, medium or large biodegradable containers are recommended.

Regarding microwave use for biodegradable tableware manufacturer:

1. Microwave Compatibility: Acknowledging consumer needs, many fully degradable food boxes are intentionally designed and sourced from materials that permit microwave heating, ensuring a seamless user experience.
2. Material Specifics Matter: It’s crucial to note that not all fully degradable boxes may be microwave-safe due to their unique compositions. Always consult the product label or inquire with the vendor to confirm microwave suitability before use.
3. Heating Guidelines: Even when microwave use is approved, prolonged heating should be avoided to prevent potential distortion or damage to the container. Prioritize safety during microwave use, ensuring responsible handling for optimal performance and personal well-being.

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