Wholesale Bagasse Sugarcane Rice Bowl Factory

  • Description:Bowl 450 tableware/meal box
  • Raw Material :Corn starch biodegradable
  • Capcity:450ml

KIM-BOLI, a pioneer in eco-conscious manufacturing, designs biodegradable dining bowls with nature at the core of its ethos. These bowls, post-use, decompose effortlessly, dramatically shrinking our environmental impact. Each plate embodies KIM-BOLI’s meticulous dedication to crafting products that excel in functionality while actively contributing to planetary wellbeing. Complemented by robust after-sales support, KIM-BOLI’s commitment extends beyond production to ensure customer satisfaction.

The production journey of biodegradable dining bowls suppliers are meticulously curated, emphasizing several pivotal aspects. All materials employed must adhere to a stringent 100% food-safe standard, devoid of any detrimental chemicals, complying fully with food safety norms. Acknowledging the inherent moisture absorption of foods like rice noodles and seaweed, advanced production techniques are employed to enhance moisture resistance, thereby preventing deformation or rupture when loading damp or oily foods. As consumables, maintaining an agreeable taste profile is paramount for these bowls.

The innovative composition of biodegradable dining bowls supplier includes:

  1. Seaweed: Leveraging its innate gelling capabilities, seaweed forms a versatile base for flexible and resilient edible packaging.
  2. Rice: Processed into films or molds, rice offers a neutral-flavored foundation for containers.
  3. Edible Plant Extracts: Ingredients such as potato starch and cornstarch harness the power of plants to fashion biodegradable boxes that seamlessly return to nature.
  4. Proteins: Casein, sourced from milk, is transformed into edible films and coatings, adding another dimension to sustainable packaging.
  5. Polysaccharides: Extracted from diverse origins, these compounds are instrumental in producing edible films and coatings, reinforcing sustainability.
  6. Lipids: Fats and waxes act as natural barriers, enhancing moisture resistance in these eco-friendly food casings.

KIM-BOLI’s biodegradable dining bowls manufacturer thus synthesizes nature’s bounty into sustainable solutions, redefining packaging norms while preserving the essence of environmental responsibility.

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