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  • Specifica tion(mm):230*130*55
  • Carton size (mm):490*485*456
  • Packing (pcs):300
  • Remarks(cover): 50pcs*4 (base): 50pcs*4

Biodegradable Dining Plates stand out as a premier choice, trumping traditional plastic cutlery with its planet-pleasing attributes.As we embrace eco-conscious living, the culinary world mirrors this shift by pivoting to sustainable dining with Biodegradable Dining Plates playing a pivotal role.

Forged from the foundation of environmental stewardship, KIM-BOLI’s Biodegradable Dining Plates harnes renewable resources, ensuring that once their duty has ended, they return to the earth hassle-free, leaving behind no pollutants. This ensures our environmental footprint is as light as the plates themselves.In the realm of green alternatives, KIM-BOLI prioritizes quality. Their Biodegradable Dining Plates emerge from the finest natural substrates, meeting the upper echelons of strength and longevity. These plates confidently match the sturdiness of traditional options, paving the way for a smooth shift to greener eating practices.

The Benefits of Choosing Biodegradable Dining Plates

  1. Earth’s Guardians: Not just a mealtime companion, our Biodegradable Dining Plates pledge allegiance to our planet.
  2. A Sustainable Salute: Our plates are a testament to ecological commitment, molded from plant fiber, and organic matter—each plate is a ‘thank you’ note to nature’s generosity.
  3. Clean Conscience Eating: KIM-BOLI’s plates are devoid of harmful chemicals often associated with plastics, ensuring your mealtime remains untarnished by toxins.
  4. Festive Freedom: Fully invested in your celebration, these Biodegradable Dining Plates are crafted for convenience, gifting you extra moments to enjoy life’s milestones, carefree.

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