Wholesale Compostable Dining Plates Suppliers

  • Size 250.9X162X48/63.2MM
  • Product Weight:30 grams
  • General Packing:bulk pack
  • Color:White color(or Nature)

Step into the future of dining with Compostable Dining Plates, where natural plant fibers blend with cutting-edge science to deliver a tableware solution that’s both eco-friendly and convenient. Totally void of hazardous substances, these plates take a stand for the environment by naturally degrading quickly and cleanly post-use. Designed to withstand both heat and cold, our plates are perfect for everything from microwaves to freezers.

Smart Handling of Compostable Dining Plates:

  • Prompt Post-Use Action: Managing moisture is key; address any dampness swiftly to maintain the plates’ structural integrity.
  • Verified Quality: Opt for reputable makers to ensure you’re using top-notch, Compostable Dining Plates.
  • Suitable Usage: Prior to serving foods with particular storage or acidic nature, verify your bagasse plates’ compatibility.

Ensuring the Longevity of Your Compostable Dining Plates:

  • Optimal Storage: Keep your plates dry and breezy to prevent any moisture-related woes.
  • Temperature Range: Confidence in durability from -20°C to 120°C, but it’s best to keep them clear from open flames.
  • Gentle Use: Handle with care —avoid excessive force to ensure your dining plates last the meal.
  • Consider Food Types: Ready for diverse fare, but for oil-rich or acidic dishes, quicker consumption is key to maintain plate condition.

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