Wholesale Degradable Food Box Company

  • Description:70# Vinegar dish
  • Product size:75*16.5
  • Capcity:50ml
  • Raw material:Rice Husk

Experience the convenience and environmental integrity with Degradable Food Box, the versatile and earth-friendly alternative to traditional tableware. Whether it’s for bustling restaurants, quiet canteens, fast takeaways, cozy family gatherings, outdoor picnics, or lively barbecues, Degradable Food Box is becoming the choice of the people. Their primary appeal lies in their commitment to environmental protection: every plate, bowl, and container is fully biodegradable, ensuring zero harm to our planet.

While they champion the cause of the environment, Degradable Food Box don’t fall short on performance. They stand on par with conventional plastic tableware in terms of stability and durability. Lighter than ceramics or metals, they streamline transportation and utility at any dining scenario. Beyond functionality, these boxes meet diverse style preferences with a range of textures and shades.

When using Degradable Food Box, keep in mind a few key tips:

  1. Avoid Heat Extremes: Although they can take the heat to a degree, soaring temperatures (over 70-100°C) might compromise their shape and function.
  2. Not Dishwasher-Friendly: As single-use items designed for convenience, it’s best to skip the wash and reuse; these boxes are meant to save time and water.
  3. Dispose Responsibly: To truly honor their eco-friendly design, dispose of the Degradable Food Box in designated areas intended for biodegradable waste.

As we pave the way towards a greener future, Degradable Food Box from KIM-BOLI set the benchmark for responsible dining. Join this sustainable movement with KIM-BOLI — where quality meets environmental stewardship.

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