Wholesale Disposable Corn Starch Lunch Box For Sale

  • Size :φ230X20.6
  • Product Weight:15 grams
  • General Packing:bulk pack

If you are looking for a meal box that is environmentally friendly, robust and actual, Corn Starch Lunch Box will be your best choice. Consumable dining box is a brand new disposable lunch box that is not made from traditional plastic but biodegradable cornstarch.This lunch box is loved by consumers for its surrounding conservation, durability and practicality.

Corn Starch Lunch Box has the following advantages:

1.Environmental protection:Our lunch box is made of biodegradable makings, which means it can be decomposed naturally in a short time without leaving any destructive residues, reducing the generation of plastic waste and doing a good job for surrounding safeguard Made a huge contribution.
2.Food safety: Our eco-friendly bento boxes do not contain any harmful substances and do not release harmful chemicals when heating food, ensuring the safety of your food.
3.Heat-resistant and cold-resistant:This bento box is a great choice for foods that need to be thermal in the microwave or those that need to be cryogenic. It can withstand ultra temperature changes without melting or deforming.
4.Practical design:Our eco-friendly bento boxes are designed to be practical and suitable for different types of food needs. It is the right size and easy to carry, perfect for many occasions such as home, school, office or outdoor picnic.

Consumable dining box is an environmentally friendly, healthy, and practical choice.Whether you are a parent looking for robust meal boxes, an office worker who needs to eat lunch out, or an eco-friendly meal box to use on your picnic. A right choice can help you live a robust life and help our earth visit away from plastic pollution.

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