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  • Brand Name: Clients OEM
  • Certification: BPI/OK COMPOST/efsa/BRC/NSF/Sedex/BSCI/ISO9001
  • Size:152.9X147X44.2/178.2MM
  • Product Weight:21 grams

The Nature-Friendly Tray is a breakthrough product in the field of ecological tableware, crafted from finely ground natural rice husk. By transforming agricultural waste like rice husks into practical appliances for routine use, these trays embody the essence of upcycling. They stand as a testament to our strive for a greener lifestyle, aligning with our daily pursuits of environmental protection and wellness.

Every bit of raw material used for the Nature-Friendly Tray stems from rice fields. Upon harvesting the rice, the husks are subjected to processes including drying and grinding to prepare them for tableware production. The manufacturing and usage of Nature-Friendly Tray places emphasis on eco-friendly and natural design concepts, allowing us to taste the joy of going back to nature amidst the luxury of scrumptious food.

From the usage perspective, the durability and longevity of your Nature-Friendly Tray can be ensured by adhering to the following:

1. Chill out with a Cold Soak: Post usage, immerse your tray in cold water. This immediate step helps prevent distortion due to abrupt temperature changes.
2. Ease into Warm Water Cleaning: After soaking for a while, proceed with cleaning using a mild soap and warm water. Remember, the detergent should neither be too acidic nor too alkaline, maintaining the product’s protective layer.
3. Soft Swipe is the Best Swipe: Employ a soft cloth or sponge for a gentle scrub . Avoid hard scrubbers as they could scratch your tableware.
4. Towel Off and Air Dry: Post-cleaning, pat dry your tray with a towel and further leave it to air dry in a breezy space.
5. Deep Clean for Greater Good: Depending on the frequency of its usage, treat your tray to an intensive cleaning every week or two. Immerse them in hot water with a bit of baking soda for around ten minutes and subsequently scrub them off with a brush. This process helps eliminate stubborn oil stains and marks.

Dine sustainably with the Nature-Friendly Tray, a novel creation harmonizing with our pursuit for environment-friendly and healthier day-to-day living.

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