Wholesale Sugarcane Bagasse 32Oz Bowl For Sale

  • Certification: BPI/OK Compost/efsa/BRC/NSF/Sedex/BSCl
  • Size:6″×4″
  • Product Weight:24 grams
  • General Packing:bulk pack

KIM-BOLI’s Biodegradable Dining Bowls Manufacturer embodies a profound commitment to environmental sustainability. Engineered to decompose post-utilization, these bowls significantly diminish our environmental impact. Each plate stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication to crafting products that benefit both consumers and the planet. KIM-BOLI acknowledges the significance of robust after-sales service, ensuring customer satisfaction remains paramount.

The meticulous process behind Biodegradable Dining Bowls Suppliers involve several crucial considerations. All manufacturing materials are meticulously selected to guarantee 100% food safety and freedom from detrimental chemicals, adhering strictly to international food safety standards. Acknowledging the absorptive nature of foods like rice noodles and seaweed, advanced production techniques are employed to enhance moisture resistance, thereby preventing immediate breakage or deformation when holding moist or oily contents. As consumables, maintaining neutrality in taste is pivotal for an enjoyable dining experience.

The innovative composition of Biodegradable Dining Bowls Manufacturer encompasses:

  1. Seaweed: Harnessing its innate gel-like characteristics, seaweed forms a flexible and resilient base for edible packaging.
  2. Rice: Processed into films or molds, rice offers a neutral-flavored foundation for containers.
  3. Edible Plant Starches: Extracts from potatoes, corn, and other plants serve as natural ingredients for biodegradable boxes, ensuring eco-friendly decomposition.
  4. Proteins: Casein, derived from milk, is transformed into edible films and coatings, further expanding the scope of sustainable packaging.
  5. Polysaccharides: Sourced from diverse origins, these compounds are vital in creating edible films and coatings, reinforcing the bowls’ eco-credentials.
  6. Lipids: Fats and waxes are integrated to provide moisture-resistant barriers, enhancing the durability and practicality of the bowls without compromising on their eco-friendly nature.

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