Wholesale Take Away Tableware Company

  • Capcity:1000ml
  • Specifica tion(mm):207*142*62
  • Carton size (mm):590*450*435

In the realm of tableware, there’s no need to choose between convenience and the environment. KIM-BOLI’s Take Away Tableware range, engineered with grains and wood, offers an ideal blend of both. Every piece of our Take Away Tableware is a product of innovative design and environmentally-friendly production methods. Passes through stringent quality checks ensure our products are safe and without harmful substances.

The strength of KIM-BOLI lies not just in the superior quality of our products but also in our industry-leading post-sales service. We have a team of dedicated professionals ready to serve every customer’s needs. We offer our Take Away Tableware in a variety of models and colors; you can reach out to us directly for product details. Choosing KIM-BOLI’s disposable biodegradable products will make your life both more convenient and eco-friendly.

Wondering how to contact KIM-BOLI, the manufacturers of Take Away Tableware?

1. Official Website: Visit the official website of KIM-BOLI to view product details, contact information, prices, and product usage guidelines.
2. Phone or Email: Reach us via phone or email; our contact information is available on the official website.
3. Social Media Platforms: We have a presence on all major social media platforms. Here, you can explore our product range, watch product display videos, and gain insights into our manufacturing facilities.
4. Exhibitions: We participate in industry exhibitions where you can see our products up close and get a hands-on feel for the quality and craftsmanship of our products.

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