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  • Description:9″x6″2-C Hinged Container
  • Feature:Disposable,Eco-Friendly,Compostable,Biodegradable,Microwaveable,ovenable

Throwaway Dining Bowls, as innovation in eco-friendly tableware, are crafted from natural plant fibers. Processed using advanced scientific techniques, these bowls are free from any harmful substances and pose no threat to the environment. Being decomposable, throwaway dining bowls leave no footprints behind, causing zero environmental pollution post-usage.

Which foods are not suitable for bagasse tableware?

Bagasse tableware is suitable for most types of food. Foods with high acidity or fat content might not be the best for use with bagasse tableware. This includes foods like citrus fruits, vinegar-based dishes, or meals cooked with high oil content. These types of foods can affect the bowl’s structure, especially if left in the bowl for a longer duration. Always ensure to check the suitability of bagasse tableware for such foods before use.

Some guidelines for usage are as follows:

1. Prompt Disposal: Dispose of the bowls as early as possible post-usage to prevent any adverse effect on them due to prolonged exposure to humid conditions.
2. Choose wisely: Always opt for products from reputable manufacturers to ensure quality.
3. Compatibility Checks: Ascertain the suitability of bagasse tableware for foods with special requirements (like acidic or fatty foods) or for long-term storage.

To maintain the stability of throwaway dining bowls:

1. Favorable Storage Conditions: Keep in a dry, well-ventilated environment, avoiding damp spaces to prevent moisture absorption, mold, and distortion.
2. Temperature Threshold: Assured stability within the temperature spectrum of -20°C to 120°C, but steer clear of direct flames to prevent combustion or scorching.
3. Careful Handling: Despite its commendable strength and hardness, avoid excessive squeezing or pulling to prevent damage or breakage.
4. Food Compatibility: Suitable for a variety of foods, including hot, cold, dry, and wet ones. However, consume fatty or acidic foods quickly to prevent prolonged soaking from affecting the stability.

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