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  • Size:250.9X162X48/63.2MM
  • Product Weight:30 grams
  • General Packing:bulk pack

Throwaway Dining Plates, key companions in our daily lives, cater to a diverse set of individuals—students, office workers, outdoor adventure enthusiasts, culinary aficionados, to name a few. From packing school and office meals to planning picnic menus, these eco-friendly lunch boxes come into play everywhere.

The main components of throwaway dining plates are environment-friendly, decomposable, and harmless. Bamboo fiber and PLA corn plastic are common examples of such materials. These materials break down naturally, causing zero harmful effects on the environment. With these eco-friendly lunchboxes, food safety concerns stemming from harmful substances such as plasticizers, heavy metals, etc. can be put to rest.

The design of Throwaway Dining Plates reflects the user’s convenience—often accompanied by separate compartments for different food items to prevent mix-ups of flavors, thereby providing an undisturbed tasting experience of each dish. The aesthetic appeal of these eco-friendly lunch boxes is amplified by the availability of a myriad of designs—vibrant colors, varied patterns—to choose from. A whimsical design element adds a touch of subtly-placed joy to every meal.

The use of throwaway dining plates does warrant paying attention to a few aspects:

1. Temperature Exposure: Most eco-friendly lunch boxes can resist certain temperature levels. Nevertheless, refrain from subjecting them to extremely high or low temperatures.
2. Cleaning Regimen: Timely clean-up and proper care can guarantee the longevity and hygiene of the eco-friendly lunch box. Promptly remove leftover food bits and rinse using warm water and a neutral dishwashing liquid.
3. Microwave Advisory: Some eco-friendly lunch boxes claim microwave safety, but for precautionary measures, it’s advised to transfer the food to microwave-safe plates or bowls for heating.

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