Why we choose sugarcane as the raw material for disposable tableware

May 29, 2024 | Company News

Disposable tableware plays an important role in our daily life. With the improvement of environmental awareness, people have put forward higher requirements for its raw materials. As a bagasse tableware manufacturer, we are committed to providing China Disposable Fully-Degradable Tableware to the world. Join us to use China green meal prep containers and contribute to the maintenance of the earth’s environment.

Hazards of plastic disposable tableware

Plastic pollution has become a global problem. A plastic bag can exist in the land for up to 450 years, seriously affecting the respiration of the soil. Large areas of underground plastics are very destructive to the growth of crops.

Plastics can also cause great harm to the human body. According to survey data: 70% of takeout packaging uses plastic lunch boxes, disposable water cups, etc. When the temperature reaches above 65 degrees Celsius, these plastic tableware will produce toxins and carcinogens dioxins that are harmful to the human body.

With the confirmation of the dual carbon goals of countries around the world, reducing and banning plastic has become an inevitable trend. China Disposable Fully-Degradable Tableware is your only choice.

Why choose sugarcane as the raw material for disposable tableware?

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the demand for sustainable development, the innovation of disposable tableware materials has become a key force in promoting industry change. As a supplier, why do we choose this raw material?

(1)Environmental protection

Experiments have shown that degradable lunch boxes made of sugarcane bagasse can be completely degraded in about 120 days underground.

The experiment also compared the oil resistance and metal content of the lunch boxes and found that the heavy metal content was only 1/8 of the standard value, which is very safe. The oil resistance and water resistance in the experiment were also good.

Using sugarcane bagasse to make lunch boxes is not only environmentally friendly, but also protects limited forest resources within a certain range.

(2)Quality assurance

The strength and quality of the finished product are guaranteed. The quality of sugarcane bagasse fiber is good, and the lunch boxes made of it are high in strength and not easy to break. At the same time, it is light in texture and easy to pick up.

Experiments have shown that lunch boxes made of sugarcane bagasse are highly flame retardant and not as easy to catch fire as plastic.

(3)High plasticity and recyclability

Sugar bagasse is hard, but the plasticity of sugar bagasse pulp is very strong. It can be made into lunch boxes of different shapes according to the requirements of the mold, and can also be made into various boards and high-density composite materials for use in home furnishing, decoration and other fields.

(4)Low cost, good quality and low price

Sugar bagasse tableware is made of waste from the sugar industry. The price is very low and the output is large, so it can be fully utilized.

(5)Lightweight and portable

Sugar bagasse tableware is light in texture and easy to carry and transport. It is suitable for outdoor picnics, travel and other occasions. Its lightness also reduces the burden during transportation and reduces energy consumption.

In summary, making tableware from sugar bagasse not only realizes the recycling of waste, but also conforms to the concept of green, environmental protection and sustainable development. With the improvement of people’s environmental awareness, sugar bagasse tableware is expected to be more widely used in the market.

Why we choose sugarcane as the raw material for disposable tableware

Our corporate responsibility

As a leading supplier of disposable tableware, our company not only pursues economic benefits, but also bears the great responsibility of protecting the environment. In the context of increasingly serious environmental problems, we actively fulfill our various responsibilities and contribute to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development.

Use our China Disposable Fully-Degradable Tableware to reduce the burden on the earth and share a healthy lifestyle. You are welcome to contact us and start a new green life together.